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New Comic

Unread post by D » Sat Oct 29, 2005 5:59 pm

Grant can't help me with a cartoon, so that's out. Danny is anticipating getting his old computer back from Johnny over Thanksgiving, to which he will let me use it to make my comics. He will also be asking for money at some point which I don't have, so I'll pay him in comics for now. So I should be making more comics soon. And on that note, Wade and all you other people who have been bitching about a new comic, go screw yourselve's. I have not "been on vacation", I have not been able to make a comic. But I should be able to after Thanksgiving, if all goes according to plan and Danny lets me use a computer.

What to look forward to- Danny has taken to writing the next comic, as I have made so much fun of him in my comics, that it's his turn. He writes the comic (making fun of me to no end). And I have to grit my teeth and make it. I have agreed to this, and will not censor it in anyway. So that should be coming up in awhile.

Q&A for D&B- I need more questions from people. Keep in mind that if you ask the question, you set yourself up for being made fun of. But understand that what I make is not a personal attack. It's just funny, get a sense of humor. If it's not me making fun of the person asking the question, I'm making fun of Ben, and you don't see him bitching. Which, Ben, help me out on these, this is Q&A for D&B, so you need to have more input. The last time you helped was on the second one. We need to work together on this more.

The Uneventful Adventures of Vinyl- I have some stuff I could do with Vinyl. Although they aren't as funny as the other comics, because I try to adhere more to the actual occurrence of events, so they are more true to life. But a lot of the time I fuck that up too, just to make them funnier.

Bright Eyes- I think one or two more Bright Eyes Comics. I don't have much to work with, with him anymore. The last time I saw the kid, he wasn't nearly as adorable as he once was.

So in conclusion, quit your bitching about me not making a comic. Send me some Questions. And if anyone has any ideas for comics they would like to see, send them to me, I probably won't do the comic ideas unless they are potentially funny. Post your ideas, and your questions on this forum. Start the Questions off as

Dear D&B,


So I can put it into the comic and it looks like an actual letter. And I can distinguish which are questions and which is stupid posting of you guys babbling on endlessly.

sean d.g.
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New Comic

Unread post by sean d.g. » Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:06 am

Dear D&B,

I got in to a debate with my friend Davy about whether a hampster or a gerbil was better. I think we should buy some and have them battle, thus distinguishing which is superior. What do you think? Is dueling proficiency notable in small rodents?

Thank You, Sean D. Galloway

P.S. That ointment you suggested

for my friend Eric's herpes works great!

He says "Thanks" and is gaining feeling

in his taint area agian.

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